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Podcasting, techtorials, and Education World

I have been thinking about making a podcast for a few months now.  I knew that I needed to download Audacity and give it a try, but for some reason I kept putting it off.  Fear of the unknown?  Unsure? Feeling rushed?  Who knows?  But a few days ago I got the courage.  And I attribute my new-found courage to an easy-to-use guide on the Education World website under the title of “techtorials.”

The Education World site, which calls itself “the educator’s best friend” is a huge warehouse of information on a variety of topics.  I got to the techtorials by clicking the “professional development” tab on the top.  Then click on the “technology integration” tab on the left side of the site.  This click will take you to another page on the left will be a number of headings – techtorials is one of them.   I scrolled down just to see what was there, and I decided to click on the “creating a podcast.” The instructions by Lorrie Jackson complete with links and screen images were so easy, I jumped right in.  And, voila! – I made a brief podcast which I then played for family and friends. Many thanks to Joann Eldridge, a technology integration specialist whom I met at the MassCue conference last month, for directing me to Education World.  I think I will be spending a lot of time there.

August 2020