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Focus on learning how to learn

Today as I was reading some of Jeff Utecht’s blog called The Thinking Stick, I came upon a concept that is central to what I am doing in my investigation of my own learning about Web 2.0.  While commenting about a conference he attended (or spoke at), he hoped that participants would leave the conference with at least 2 important ways of thinking.  One, that “learning happens through connections,” and secondly, that it is important for educators to focus on how they learn how to learn (not just how their students learn how to learn).  Since this blog is focusing on how I am learning about web-based tools, I find that I think about my own learning a great deal.  One thing I realize is that I need a gatekeeper of sorts – a guide, a coach, a support person (or persons) who stay in the background until I need them.  Sometimes a one sentence statement by a coach can eliminate hours of moving in circles.  One person that has become by guide or gatekeeper is Mary Glackin who works in IT at my institution.  She continues to give me valuable support when I ask for it.  And, that has helped to alleviate some of the frustration of feeling like I am going-it-alone despite the zillions of online contributors who communicate about these web 2.0 tools in blogs, wikis, and videos.  I feel assured knowing that Mary is just a phone call or email away.  Does that mean I am an old-style learner who needs a real person to connect with in a live environment?  Or, am I just not experience enough with these tools to know how to access them in ways that can be real?  Maybe both.  I guess I will find out more as I continue.

August 2020