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Deki Wiki – an easy to use wiki for education

For the past few days, I have talked with 3 of my Web 2.0 guides and learned a tremendous amount for each hour that I spent withthese talented educators.  I will highlight only one on this post. One of my new guides, Ed Gray, shared with me the various wiki hosting services that he considered before selecting the wiki he is now using called from Mindtouch. He felt that this wiki was easier to edit, easier to upload images and other media, and offered a lot of flexibility.  He recommended that I try a Deki Wiki and see how it compared to the other wiki hosting services that I have used.  So, I today I registered for a Deki Wiki, and in a few days I’ll start to add content to it and see how it goes.  In the past I have tried both Pbwiki and Wetpaint.  I also have an account at Wikispaces but I have not spent much time at that site even though I have read other educator’s wikis on wikispaces and learned from them.  Interestingly, it was the wiki that got me interested in Web 2.0 over a year ago.  But I haven’t gone back to them since.  All of the wiki sites that I used have been upgraded with many easier to use features since my first visit to them, so I think it is time to rediscover my initial fascination with them – a task for tomorrow.


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