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Creating, Collaborating, Connecting

Creating, Collaborating, Connecting – these 3 words were the themes arising from the keynote presentation by Wesley Fryer at the MassCue conference on (11/19/08).  In fact, these words could also be applied to the entire conference and even Web 2.0 technologies in general.  In his talk about media literacy he used videos and other visuals to get his point across, and it came across clearly.  One memorable quote that really stuck with me concerned the speed of processing images.  He reported that “processing images is more than 1000 faster than processing text.”  Incredible!  So, why don’t we educators use images more often to get our point across?  Maybe I should be using an image in this blog instead of just text?  He also provided us with a number of useful resources as well as his own website where he describes his learning as well as numerous useful links.  He ended his fast-moving and engaging presentation with a projected quote from Alan Kay: The best way to predict the future is to invent it.  Most people try to predict the future by preventing it.”  Wesley urged educators to get involved in helping students create and connect and to assist them in acquiring the 21st century literacy skills that they will undoubtedly need.  He also reminded us to continue to focus on our own learning and to join some groups for help with learning innovative tools.  He listed the K12 Online Conference 08 as one professional development source and Classroom 2.0 as another.  Check out his website entitled “Speed of Creativity” – a valuable resource!

August 2020