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Blogs as coffeehouse

Yesterday I felt the need to break away from the computer screen.  I found myself getting bogged down with blogs – reading them, bookmarking them, linking from one to another.  I couldn’t keep up, so I got off.  The sun was shining, the air temperature was pleasant, and some sparrows were taking sand baths in the garden.  It all looked tempting, so I headed out to sit in the sun and read something different – like a book.  I had been hearing about Wikinomics for some time.  I knew about wikis and given the current turmoil in the economy, I thought to myself “why not find out how the two are related.”  Wikinomics: How mass collaboration changes everything by Tapscott and Williams (2008) is a  fascinating look at Web 2.0 technology and how various segments of society are using these tools.  Although the book focuses on business, many other disciplines are involved which really is at the heart of what the authors maintain: collaboration among and across disciplines is the new way to progress.  The authors have a website also called Wikinomics complete with many of the web-based tools discussed where among other things you can order the book, blog, participate in the wiki, and more.  Although I have only read a few chapters, I have found a few ideas compelling.  One – that blogs are “the world’s biggest coffeehouse.” Given my love for espresso and my new interest in blogs, this notion was particularly appealing.  Another concept involves a new verb – peering.  Peering involves collaboration among peers to produce new things.  The authors describe it as a horizontal formation rather than a hierarchical one.  Although peer production has been very successful in information industries, the authors speculate that it can be applied to other enterprises as well.  One other point that I noted was this statement “There are always more smart people outside your enterprise boundaries than there are inside (p.45).  So, those are my preliminary thoughts about it all at this moment.  As I conclude, i just realize that this post (and maybe other posts too) can function as a reservoir my reflections on reading.  Another use for blogs!  I guess I’ll keep at it.

August 2020