antiracist projects using wikis

The collaborative projects I assigned using wikis seemed to be successful this year in my Education 205 course: Whiteness, racism and inequality in schools and society.  In previous years I used the wiki included on the college’s course management system; this time I had students collaborate in groups of 4-5 using wikis hosted by  The hosted wiki gave students more flexibility in design, uploading capability, and communication with one another.  They added links, photos, video clips, and references to make their individual projects comprehensive and engaging.  Some of the topics focused on antiracist children’s literature, racism in video games, antiracist children’s music, a discussion and critique of American Girl Dolls, a review of television programming for young children, and racism in animated Disney movies, just to name a few.   Among the goals of the project was to provide students with a vehicle for applying and sharing the information they learned in the course about racism and antiracism. Therefore, I invite you to check out the sites and pass them on to other educators (and/or) parents interested in helping young people learn about racism and antiracism.

In future posts I will compose a more detailed analysis of the wiki assignment and what I learned I need to do to improve the collaborative process for the students involved.

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