Gcasting about race and education

In my last post I outlined what I would do in my education class to test out making a class podcast using Gcast. I can say now that it worked.  Although some students were a bit suspicious about who would hear it and whether it was a reputable website,  most students who had phones with them participated ( I left participation optional).  One goal that I had was that it would give students who don’t frequently participate in large class discussions the opportunity to have their voices heard. And, this goal was achieved. Although I could not distinguish every individual voice, I did hear students who have seldom spoken in class.  So, I’m happy about that.  After the class ended (I did not play back their recordings because I ran out of time), I did go to the site and edited out files that had some interference or that were cut off.  Then I assembled them into a playlist, made a podcast, and downloaded it into an MP3 file.  Success!


1 Response to “Gcasting about race and education”

  1. 1 Janni Black April 16, 2009 at 9:09 am

    Sandra –

    Nice job on your blog!! You’ve really jumped into this with both feet since starting a few months back, and it’s great to see you trying out new tools like GCast. I really admire educators who just roll up their sleeves and do it!

    As I was reading your blog, I had an interesting idea. I’ve recently been writing some posts about transparency in our own learning. Would you be interested in writing a “guest post” for my blog where you transparently share your learning experiences so far with all things Web 2.0? Think about it and when you have time, let me know.

    Best wishes and Keep up the great work – JB 🙂

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